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Popp Mart’s Molly has become an iconic character in the world of designer toys and collectibles. With her round, expressive eyes and vibrant colors, Molly always manages to catch the attention of anyone who sees her. Created by artist and designer Kennyswork, Molly has evolved from a simple illustration to a beloved figure that has spawned countless collaborations and spin-off products. Her popularity has only continued to grow, and fans all over the world eagerly anticipate the latest release or variant of Molly. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual admirer, it’s hard not to be drawn in by the charm and personality of Popp Mart’s Molly.

1. The history:

The character Molly first showed up in the artwork of Hong Kong-born artist Kenny Wong. Molly is a lovable character in the world of designer toys. She is a cute, wide-eyed girl with distinctive pigtails.

In 1997, U2 released their ninth studio album, Pop, and embarked on a worldwide tour called PopMart. The PopMart tour was an ode to consumer culture, and the band wanted to make a spectacle unlike anything they had ever done before. In order to accomplish this, they enlisted the aid of a group of designers and artists who constructed a massive stage set that featured a 100-foot golden arch, a gigantic mirrorball lemon, and a collection of larger-than-life toys, including a giant inflatable representation of Molly.

2. The characteristics:

Over 10 feet tall, the Molly in PopMart was a huge, inflatable representation of the character. She participated in the performance of “Discothèque,” one of the album’s biggest hits. Since Molly’s playful and innocent appearance contrasted with the show’s loud, extravagant visuals, she was the ideal choice for the PopMart tour.


The Molly character became so popular during the PopMart tour that U2 continued to incorporate her into subsequent tours and events. In 2000, the band released a DVD called “U2: The Best of 1990-2000,” which included a music video for the song “Beautiful Day” featuring a computer-generated version of Molly. The band also commissioned a limited edition vinyl toy of Molly, which became a highly sought-after collector’s item.


In conclusion, the Molly character was an iconic part of U2’s PopMart tour, and her inclusion in the show helped to make it one of the most memorable concert experiences of the late 1990s. Molly’s popularity has continued to grow since then, and she remains one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in the world of designer toys.

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